Activity: On the Lookout for Leadership

Topic Progress:

Let’s get her on the lookout for great opportunities to lead every day. There are as many different ways to be a leader as there are types of people. Some girls might be the strong silent type. Others might be leading the charge on the soccer field. Some might be excellent at building trust and relationships. See what we mean? Talk with your girl about ways she is already leading and ways that she would like to become more of a leader. If you need some ideas or places to look, here is a very short list of ways to lead (this is just to get you started; we could go on forever!):

  • Bring others along.
  • Stand up for what’s right.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Make other people feel good.
  • Help someone when they are struggling.
  • Declare what you are passionate about.
  • Listen to others when they are speaking.
  • Share your opinions in a strong and respectful way.

If she is the creative type, draw an outline of her (in chalk or on large paper) and have her right her leadership strengths within her outline.