She Looks Like a Leader

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Leadership is both a choice and a skill we can develop. In this lesson, we will explore leadership through the eyes of your girl. What does leadership mean to her? What does leadership look like at her age? Through these conversations and activities, we will build a foundation for her to realize and own her leadership skills, and take on the daily mission of building them even more.

We need your leadership – and we need hers. Leadership isn’t just for adults – girls have opportunities every day to stand up for what they believe in, to be there for those who need help, and, most importantly, to believe in themselves. They just need our support to get there!

Participants will leave the course better able to:

  1. Highlight the innate leadership qualities in the girl in your life
  2. Encourage the girl in your life to pro-actively lead in her life
  3. Discuss and practice new leadership traits

Please share your feedback:

As you work through the course please fill out this form to let us know how you’re liking things. We’re eager to improve this course over 2020.

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