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6 Ways You Can Make a Positive Change in Your Community

By thinking locally, you can take immediate and significant actions, big or small, that benefit you and the people in your town or city.


Which Public Office Should You Run For?

Would you make a magnificent mayor? Or are you destined for your local school board? Take this quiz to find out.


4 Steps to Building a Better Community Email Course

Discover your values and use them for good in your community.


26 Common Barriers to Running for Office

Don't let these common barriers stand in your way of running for office.


So You’re Thinking About Running for Office

Learn why you already have what it takes to lead and discover tangible next steps on your leadership journey.


Power in Purpose Audio Course

Discover your values and use them for good in your community.


The 2024 Election Webinar Series

We'll bring women leaders together to offer tangible actions you can take to improve your mindset and your community this year.


Ask Her Anything

Connect with a woman who has previously run for office for a 30-minute, one-on-one conversation.


5 Ways to Flip the Script

Tips for protecting your sanity + our democracy when someone offers their hot take on today’s daunting political news.


Dear Potential Candidate

Dear Potential Candidate... what's holding you back from running for office? Let this be your sign to take the plunge!


Taking Up the Mantle of Reproductive Health

Learn how to advocate for reproductive health.


Values Clarification

This worksheet will help you narrow down the values that are important to you as you find and develop your own purpose.