Activity Guide: She Should Lead

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A great learning tool for younger girls (ages 5-9) is through interactive and imaginative play. For older girls (ages 9 and above) it can be helpful to build skills of self-reflection and problems-solving. As you help the girl in your life better see herself as a leader select the activity that best matches her age and interest.

Activity #1 (ages 5-9)

Your girl is a leader for the future. Get her started by envisioning herself as President of the United States. With her, draw a campaign poster for her and her running mate. Have fun imagining all the good you can do for the country!

  • Create a poster for your run for president! (Here is a template if you need it)
  • Pick campaign colors, a theme song and don’t forget a running mate!
  • What problems do you want to solve as president?
  • What are the qualities that will make you a great president?
  • What are the qualities that will make your running mate a great vice president?
  • What makes you a great team?

Activity #2 (ages 9 and above)

Public service can take many forms – from running for office to picking up the trash at your neighborhood park. Ask your girl how she has led and served lately. Try something like:

  • When was the last time you helped a friend or a neighbor?
  • What do you see that you wish you could fix in your life or our community?
  • How do you think we could fix that?
  • Whose help would we need?

Make a list of her ideas and make a plan to fulfill them together.