Combat Racial Discrimination with Her

| Jarinete Santos

While all women face barriers to running for office, there are unique challenges for women facing an intersection of prejudice or discrimination. This is also true for our girls who aspire to leadership. Concerning race, a recent study by She Should Run shows that Black, Latina, and Asian or Pacific Islander girls are more liked to be exposed to leadership via a variety of activities, namely encouraging her to read books, watch movies, etc. on successful female leaders. These same girls are reported as noting fear of discrimination as a primary barrier to their leadership.

To help prepare girls, and adults, to better navigate these issues we have developed our Combat Racial Discrimination with Her lesson. These resources are intended to help you talk to a girl in your life about prejudice and discrimination while enhancing her understanding of her own power and potential.

Participants will leave the course better able to:

  1. Host honest conversations about race and discrimination
  2. Empower young girls to claim leadership
  3. Help a girl positively engage with her own identity and respect the identities of others 

Please share your feedback:

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