you should run for your state legislature

If you get excited about big picture questions and issues facing your state, you enjoy fast-paced work, and you love to see your impact, then you should run for your state legislature!

The state legislature is made up of state representatives and/or state senators. Members of the state legislature represent their home districts at the state capitol and serve on committees to ensure the effective governance of the state. Members of these committees examine, research, investigate, and vote on legislation that relates to the committee’s purpose, such as agriculture, transportation, or education. Last, but certainly not least, state legislators uphold the system of checks and balances by providing oversight to the state executive branch (governor).

The state determines the age and residency requirements necessary for someone to run for the legislature, but here are some general skills that will help you succeed in this role:

  • Ability to articulate a vision and action steps to get there
  • Comfort with negotiation and collaboration 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work
  • Willingness to travel back and forth to the state capitol

Did you know that as of 2023, 2,412 of the 7,383 (32.7%) state legislators in the United States are women. 592 of these women are serving in their state senates, and 1,820 are serving in state house or assembly seats. We still need more women in office, and we think YOU should run!

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