Sincerity, Loyalty, and Unity: Breaking Barriers for Latinas

Recorded in September 2020

She Should Run joined forces with Sigma Lambda Upsilon to host a Breaking Barriers webinar about the experience of Latinas running for office. Join us for this conversation with Monroe County Legislator Yversha Roman and Cranston City Councilwoman Lammis Vargas as we discuss the challenges and triumphs of seeking office as authentic, proud, and prepared Latinas.

Celebrated from September 15 – October 15 each year, National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates and recognizes the contributions Hispanic Americans have made to American society and culture. Hispanic and Latinx Americans represent the second-largest ethnic group in the United States, and yet when it comes to political representation Latinas are sitting at 2.6% of elected officials. Many areas across the United States are waiting for their first to represent them.

Our Breaking Barriers Webinar Series allows space for women of various experiences to gather for sharing advice, networking, mentorship, and political and personal development.

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