Elevating LGBTQ+ Women: A Conversation with Annise Parker

Recorded in July 2020

We were joined by Annise Parker, LGBTQ+ Victory Fund and Victory Institute President & CEO, who shared her story of being the first openly LGBTQ+ mayor of a major American city as well as her experience with building the political power and leadership of LGBTQ+ women.

“A government that represents its diverse communities is critical to a well-functioning democracy. Yet LGBTQ people hold just 0.13 percent of elected positions, despite the most conservative estimates showing LGBTQ people as 4.5 percent of the U.S. population. This absence of LGBTQ voices from legislative bodies, judicial positions and executive offices allows bigoted legislators to push forward anti-LGBTQ laws and policies that further marginalize the community. Achieving equitable representation is crucial to ending these attacks—but there is a long road ahead.” — “Out for America 2019,” Victory Institute

For LGBTQ+ people who identify as women, and especially women of color, the multiplicity of barriers to running for office is even greater.

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