Protecting your sanity + our democracy in the 2024 election and beyond

Here are 5 ways to flip the script when you find yourself listening to a well-meaning friend or colleague offer their hot take on today’s daunting political news:

Get real (or just don’t be an @sshat).

Move beyond the drama of politics and focus on the doing. Instead of dwelling on the latest political debacle, ask friends about their civic actions— like attending town meetings or contacting their representatives. Try saying, “Enough with the doom and gloom. How are you plugging into the issues?”

If you’re interested, act like it.

Be an example of how to do this. Consider getting hyperlocal. Go to a town council meeting. Volunteer with a local candidate. Give money or time (even a little bit!) to a local effort on your ballot this year. It will boost your mental health. This is how to do civic engagement. “It can all feel so daunting. You know what’s worked for me? I signed up to volunteer with xx. There’s something magical being in a room full of people working to make it happen.”

What about the women?

Women’s voices matter as voters, as candidates, and as policy makers. But women, particularly Black women and moms of young children are burnt out*. You are not alone in feeling dread in the air. But we can’t back down. More women in power is better for women, better for our democracy, better for everyone. If someone says, I’m not so sure women are the answer. Look at (insert a bad apple). You can say: “I’m not going to let one bad apple or even a few of them speak for the vast majority of women who would and do make the world a better place.”

Check yourself!

Recognize your privilege and get informed on issues, even–especially!–if they don’t directly affect you. When discussing unfamiliar experiences, start with curiosity: “Tell me more about your experience.” Understanding diverse perspectives is crucial for meaningful conversations.

Freaking vote! (Seriously.)

Voting isn’t just about electing representatives; it’s also about expressing your needs and dissatisfaction. Don’t skip this crucial step, even if the ballot isn’t perfect. But don’t just vote–vote and play the long game. Support initiatives like those led by She Should Run to shape future ballots and tap the full talent pool our country has to offer: “I’m voting AND encouraging women to run with She Should Run’s first-step resources.”


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