Understand Your Fears and Motivations

| She Should Run

Remind yourself why you want to find a way to lead.

Embrace your fears and plan one courageous action.

For most people, running for office is overwhelming. You’re here because someone thought you should run for office someday, because they thought you could change the conversation even just a little—or because you have raised your hand to say that you’re ready to take the first step. So let’s talk about why leadership matters, why it can be so overwhelming, and the first courageous step you want to take.

We’re asking you to run. Research shows that women feel unqualified to run for office unless they’ve been asked to run. You’re here either because a friend asked you to run, or because you had the courage to raise your hand. At She Should Run, our mission is to encourage women to think about running for office. We’re glad you’re here.

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