Unleashing Leadership in Your Community

| Shannon Sullivan

Time and again, people turn to us for ways of engaging in their communities; this isn’t our most visited blog post for nothing! It makes sense–our research has shown that a key motivator for women to explore public leadership is a cause that they’re passionate about and that affects their community. But a lot of women don’t know where to start–and that’s where we come in! 

This month, we’re excited to roll out two new programs for women looking to explore their civic engagement and become more involved in their communities, not to mention getting an idea of the different forms that public leadership can take. Both free courses can be taken at your own pace and on your own time, so you can fit it into your schedule. Read on to find out which one is the right fit for you!

Power in Purpose

If running for office seems waayyy out of your comfort zone, Power in Purpose is the program for you. The curriculum is focused on identifying your purpose, as well as your core values and strengths, to best serve your community–and show up for the things you care about. Power in Purpose is available as an audio course, but if you’re more of a reading/writing learner, you can use the accompanying workbook as the main course material.

Best if you: 

  • Are eager to uncover what matters most to you 
  • Need help defining your “why”
  • Want to learn more about your unrealized strengths
  • Love to learn by listening to podcasts

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Building a Better Community

If you’re already rolling up your sleeves and ready to dive in, you’re a perfect fit for Building a Better Community! This course provides weekly tips and activities via email for taking your purpose and community goals to the next level. Prefer to do it all in one fell swoop? Download the workbook and take it at your own pace!

Best if you: 

  • Want to become a better advocate for yourself and others
  • Want to address issues that are important to your town or neighborhood
  • Are looking for ways to be more active in your community
  • Like to learn a little bit at a time

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Both programs are flexible, free, and can fit into your schedule (yes, really 😉). 

She Should Run’s Signature Curriculum was made possible with the support of the Crimsonbridge Foundation.

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