Team250K Member Profile: Meet Lauren

| Erica Teti-Zilinskas


In recognition of our Annual Team250K Monthly Donor Campaign, we’re spotlighting one monthly donor whose commitment to the cause goes well beyond her financial investment. 

SSR: What is your first and last name? 

Lauren: Lauren S.

SSR: Where do you live? 

Lauren: Mendham Township, NJ

SSR: What is your favorite book?

Lauren: I can’t possibly choose just one! Two standouts recently have been Razorblade Tears by S.A Cosby and The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan

SSR: Do you have a favorite musician, band, or album you enjoy?

Lauren: “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack is on a constant loop in my house thanks to my 4-year-old daughter!

SSR: When did you become a monthly donor? 

Lauren: August 2021, during last year’s campaign! 

SSR: What led you to become a monthly donor? 

Lauren: I was serving as Campaign Manager for a local race, and I listened to a She Should Run webinar called How to Bounce Back from Criticism and Rejection. I found it valuable and wanted to be a sustaining supporter of more work like that. A year later, I’m running for that same office (Mendham Township Committee), so you can certainly say I’ve been inspired by She Should Run!

SSR: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Lauren: Here in Mendham Township, hopefully having made headway in staving off encroaching development in our township that’s well-known for its beautiful open spaces.

SSR: What do you believe is one simple thing we can all do to move the needle on women’s representation? 

Lauren: Amplify, amplify, amplify! Everyone has a community—loudly support the women who are running for office in yours!


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