The State of Women: 2023 Multiplier Report and Roadmap

| Erica Teti-Zilinskas

Today, we announced the release of our new report, The State of Women: 2023 Multiplier Report and Roadmap, a comprehensive report drawing on insights from extensive data gathered from a wide-ranging network of women nationwide. Utilizing data collected from She Should Run participants and research conducted between 2020 and 2023, we found that most women—across demographics and ideologies—need multiple points and types of encouragement over several years in order to consider running for office.

“The women running today did not wake up yesterday or even last year and decide they were going to run for office,” said She Should Run founder and CEO Erin Loos Cutraro. “2018’s ‘Year of the Woman’ was an anomaly. We haven’t seen that type of momentum for women’s representation since. In order to see more women running in the next election and beyond, we need to engage in the long-game work of planting seeds to inspire women now, to push them to consider putting themselves on the ballot in the future.”

The State of Women: 2023 Multiplier Report and Roadmap outlines the critical need to meet women where they really are, in communities and workplaces across our nation, and the four steps we must take to see more women running in future elections.

  1. Make it obvious and commonplace: Persistently deliver our message to women with vast leadership potential who are overlooked in traditional political recruitment.
  2. Make it easy and approachable: Dismantle perceptions around what it takes to become an elected official by offering honest resources and simple steps that allow a woman to dip her toe in the water.
  3. Make it relatable and compelling: Provide a wide range of resources that adapt to the interests and needs of women,  focusing on their leadership development rather than candidate training.
  4. Make it inspiring and infectious: Mobilize passionate leaders to multiply the number of women considering elected office through honest, open connections.

Download the Multiplier Roadmap.

Read the full report here.

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