Pro-Tip: Winning For Women!

| Sofia Pereira

Winning For Women is a 501(c)(4) organization with a federal PAC that aims 1) to inform the public of national security and free-market policies that will benefit the lives of all Americans, 2) to organize and amplify the voices of women across the country who embrace such, 3) to broaden the audience for a strong conservative message, and 4) to expand the ability of right-of-center women to succeed in their pursuit of leadership opportunities, including elected office. We chatted with Rebecca Schuller, Winning For Women’s Executive Director about the best way and time to reach out to organizations for an endorsement (hint: the earlier the better!).

We’re seeing a record number of women running for office across the country, at all levels of office. Have you noticed an increase in the number of women seeking an endorsement from Winning for Women?

Since we launched earlier this year, we have seen a steady increase in the number of inquiries from women seeking endorsement. We’re a brand new organization, so we don’t have previous years to compare, but overall there has definitely been an uptick in the number of women running this year.

What are some common misconceptions about PACs or the endorsement process?

We’ve found that many women think they have to be 100% ready for their race when they begin talking to groups, seeking endorsements. This is truly not the case, though they should have a rough plan.

At what stage in the campaign, or maybe even earlier, should women reach out to Winning For Women?

Winning For Women is always looking to meet with right-of-center women who are interested in running for federal office. The earlier the better!

Beyond WFW’s eligibility criteria, what do you look for in a candidate that makes it more likely they’ll receive your endorsement?

Winning For Women looks for candidates who have shown their leadership and support of strong national security and free-market principles. We carefully consider all of the elements of each race, including viability, competitiveness, national attention, and strength of candidate. We also look for women who have records of excellence and service.

Beyond a (possible) financial contribution, how can candidates leverage an endorsement in their race?

As a part of our support system, we are recruiting an ever-growing national community of members to help amplify the voices of our endorsed candidates, serve as small-dollar donors, and help get out the vote on election day. In addition, we are constantly looking at each unique race to find ways to promote and support our women leaders there.

If someone was not successful in getting the endorsement, but they run for office again in the future, should they consider reapplying for the endorsement?

Definitely. We look at every race individually, taking into account the dynamics of that unique cycle. Every year is different and so we encourage those who are considering running again to come back and talk to us next time.

Anything else you’d like to share with the women in the Incubator program who are thinking about running for office?

If you’re a woman who has thought even for a moment about running for office, DO IT. There are so many talented, intelligent women out there with a long list of accomplishments who hesitate when someone suggests they run. Women are trustworthy, problem solvers, great listeners, and we want to get things done. Be confident; you can do this. And Winning For Women is here to help.

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