Sofia Pereira

Director of Programs & Impact

Sofia Pereira brings her years of political organizing and legislative experience to the She Should Run Incubator community, which supports thousands of women considering a run for elected office. Prior to joining She Should Run, Sofia served several years as legislative staff at the county and state level and worked on campaigns from the local to congressional level in her home state of California. Sofia is a 2014 graduate of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale, after which she ran successfully for the Arcata City Council, where she currently serves as Mayor. Sofia holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Humboldt State University.

Sofia first held elected office at 11 years old as the “Commissioner of Religion” at St. Clare School in Santa Clara, CA. This was followed by several disheartening (student) campaign losses, until 10 years later when she became her university’s student body president as a write-in candidate. Sofia wants to encourage other women and girls to run and to never give up!